Serious Fencing


Rural Fencing

What’s a farm without a boundary fence? Paddocks, fields, drives, it’s all fencing and it’s something you have to deal with all the time. Or do you? Life certainly seems better watching contractors installing fence lines from the balcony than digging them in yourself. We are great at fencing and have all the callouses, tools, equipment and stories you could think of to prove it.

All types of practical and aesthetic fencing designed to keep livestock secure and vermin out. Choose from sturdy steel pickets and wire to heavy duty post and rail and everything in between. We offer a high quality product that’s done within budget and on spec. No messing around.

Yard Fencing

Yep, we can completely re-do your entire yard setup or just fix up the sections that need to be replaced. The great thing about sorting your yards out is that you don’t have to pay people to round up stock like last year.


Of course we have a selection of gate options for all of our fences. For people, stock or vehicles our gates are excellent quality and properly installed.