Protect what’s yours


Security Fencing

After getting the new shed built, filling it with machinery and tools, you don’t want to rely on that $20 lock to keep your gear safe, do you? Security fencing is a serious business, made up of several components. They need to be visible, they need to be installed properly and then they need to be tough. It’s all about making it too much effort to get in.

We use heavy duty chain wire security fencing perfect for all your industrial or commercial requirements.  Designed for maximum strength, this type of fence with provide the ultimate in security and versatility.

Temporary Security Fencing

When you have a big job, with plenty of equipment and gear, you might only be in the area for a month or two while the works are completed. This kind of situation requires a slightly different solution and we are pleased to be able to help.

Depending on the time frames, security fencing can be installed, removed and then installed at the next location multiple times. When you use high quality fencing products like we do, they will stand up to some pretty tough situations.