Fauna Area denial

Vermin and Sanctuary fencing

Sanctuary Fencing

Are you trying to keep feral animals out of your reserve? Is it just feral cats, or do you have a whole list of invaders you need to deal with? We have a range of fencing options that can be used to target your worst offenders, or combine them all to really keep things under control.

We have installed many different styles of large scale, heavy duty fencing that is designed to keep out vermin such as kangaroos, emus, foxes and cats or to provide a secure sanctuary for native and endangered wildlife.


With most long term projects, budgets need to be maintained on way or another. If you have a particularly troublesome section of fence line, perhaps you need to take it to the top level, while other sections may only require a medium level of deterrent methods. Before making any recommendations we will talk with you about what you hope to achieve in the long term and then what paths you might take to get there.

Dog Fencing

Not all animals are wild. Some of our best friends enjoy running around in their own back yard and what better way to keep them safe and sound than to create a large run that you know they can’t get out of, but doesn’t make them feel like they are in the dog house.

Roo Fence

Controlling Kangaroos can be a real challenge most of the time. We have some excellent fencing solutions that can help shape the way they move through your property.