Barriers to escape

Livestock and Pet Enclosures

Livestock Fencing

If you’re farming, you know about fences and livestock. It’s a constant push-pull between doing the day to day tasks and planning for the annual maintenance of all the equipment used to keep it ticking along. Fencing is a huge chunk of work once it gets out of hand, but it can be brought under control with the right kind of plan.

We have installed plenty of sturdy and reliable pens and enclosures designed to keep your well-loved pets and livestock safe and secure. We supply and install all the gear, machines and (most importantly) labour needed to get your fencing sorted.

Pet Enclosures

Not all animals are wild. Some of our best friends enjoy running around in their own back yard and what better way to keep them safe and sound than to create a large run that you know they can’t get out of, but doesn’t make them feel like they are in the dog house.